Inner Peace

Mom’s, let’s be honest, we have a tough job, right?  There’s grocery shopping, paying bills, laundry, housecleaning, yard work, being at the right place, on time to meet everyone’s hectic demands.  We show up with treats in one hand that are homemade and decorated only after we searched for hours on Pinterest.  So when do you have time for you?  I mean I exercised when I could squeeze it in; when I was not busy running a business, taking care of kids, home or pets.

Inner Peace

Recently I sought out a life coach who helped me realize that I had not been taking care of myself.   While I wanted to have that perfect balance, I realized that my desire for perfection was doing more harm than good.  Perfection was hindering me from taking action.  Taking care of me is now a priority.  The key was finding that inner peace, I started meditating and journaling, finding that quite time with myself and centering my day early on.

Just try it and see for yourself how amazing it is, it may take some practice like it did for myself.  Did not seem normal or feel right at first but now that has all changed and value the much needed time with myself.  My tips for finding that inner peace:

  • Find a quiet spot.  Pick a place where you can be alone.  Dim the lights or burn a candle.  Quiet means no music or TV on.
  • Get comfortable, sit in a comfortable chair, don’t lay down or you might fall asleep, wear comfy clothes or socks.
  • Focus your mind, close your eyes, concentrate on breathing deeply and slowly through your nose and be aware of the air coming out and in.
  • Practice doing the exercise, releasing the tension in your body, relaxing your breath, pay attention to your calmness.
  • Grab a comfortable pen and journal; it may be a significant one for you or a plain 8 ½ x 11 notebook.  I have a favorite pen that is comfortable to write with and most of my journals are fun looking some are plain.  The key is to release those thoughts that are building up inside you maybe they are gratitude, angry and frustrated moments.  Write for 10-15 minutes at a time and then review your notes.  Now I journal for about 30 minutes a day. What a release to get it all out on paper and clear my thoughts before my day gets started!

I hope you experience inner peace and calmness in your day!



Tips for Losing 5lbs Quickly…

So I am a wellness coach, guess what??  I am human too, surprise!  I gain weight on vacation, eat when I am stressed, and have to wiggle into my skinny jeans just like the rest of you!  Want to know what I do to shed 5 pounds fast?

Learn tips from Coach Cacy on losing 5lbs fast.

I eat small salads or vegetables for dinner, water based foods low in sodium.  Then the trick is to clean up the kitchen fast and declare it off limits for the rest of the evening.  Most people gain extra weight from recreational eating at night.  Another trick is to brush your teeth when done with dinner.  It helps prevent the snacking.

Limit restaurant dining out to no more than once a week.  Cooking my own meals helps to control how much fat I am eating and what ingredients are going in my body and feeding my family.

Desserts…hmmm this is a big one for me.  I am a huge chocolate and pastry lover!  So keep fresh colorful fruits available, cleaned and prepped.  Some favorites of mine are strawberries, watermelon, blueberries, and cantaloupe.  In the fall I love apples sliced and sprinkled with cinnamon on top.  You can also add peanut butter, or better yet, cook your apple in the microwave sliced with cinnamon and pecans drizzled lightly with Agave (sweetener).  Warm and delicious comfort food.

Eliminate pop and alcohol, except for one glass of wine for special occasions or the weekend meal.  Alcohol stimulates the appetite, making it easier to lose control of my end goal.  Pop increases my sweet cravings, and that’s no good either!

Substitute a meal with a healthy meal replacement.  I love meal replacement shakes, they have fiber, carbs, fats, protein, and sugars all balanced out perfectly.  A quick solution to prevent skipping a meal!

Track your foods in an app, like ‘My Fitness Pal.” It is easy to add friends for accountability and motivation.  Being aware and mindful of what is going in your body is a great way to keep you on the right track. Remember, it is important to add protein to all your meals.

Last but not least: Stay Hydrated (drink 68 oz minimum), Rest (6-8hours sleep nightly), and Move (exercise 20-30min daily).  Don’t forget that you are human, just like me, so if you stumble along the way don’t lose focus.  Just keep moving forward!


Eating Healthy On a Budget

Saturday Post

Eating on a BudgetThe 3 P’s 


Plan meals and snacks for the week according to an established budget.  Find quick and easy recipes online. Include meals that will “stretch” expensive food items (stews, casseroles, stir‐fried dishes).  Make a grocery list. Check for sales and coupons in the local paper or online and consider discount stores.  I shop discounted stores (Aldi’s) first before any other groceries.  Ask about a loyalty card at your grocery store.



Buy groceries when you are not hungry and when you are not too rushed. Stick to the grocery list and stay out of the aisles that don’t contain items on your list. Buy store brands if cheaper.   Find and compare unit prices listed on shelves to get the best price. Purchase some items in bulk or as family packs which usually cost less. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables in season; buy frozen vegetables when needing to store longer term. Pre‐cut fruits and vegetables, individual cups of yogurt, and instant rice and hot cereal are convenient, but usually cost more than those that require a bit more prep time. Good low‐cost items available all year include:

  • Protein — beans (garbanzo, black, cannellini)
  • Vegetables — carrots, greens, potatoes
  • Fruit — apples, bananas



I love meal prepping on Sundays which means that some meal items can be prepared in advance.   Double or triple up on recipes and freeze meal‐sized containers of soups and casseroles or divide into individual portions.   Try a few meatless meals by substituting with beans and peas or try “no‐cook” meals like salads. Pre-wash, cut and dice any veggies that can be used throughout the week in salads or meals. Incorporate leftovers into a subsequent meal.   Be creative with a fruit or vegetable and use it in different ways during the week.


Happy New Year!


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As the 2015 chapter closes I reflect back on my journey as a mother, entrepreneur, wife, sister, and friend.  I have developed over the years and I have to say that 2015 was and has been my most humbling and gratitude filled year!  I made so many new friends through LifeLuvers and my Health Coaching business that are now like extended family!  Without wonderful friends my year would have been short of all the life learned lessons. Thank you to my most amazing mentor and supportive husband and two energized children that are always saying, “You can do it!”

2016 is the start of a new venture of opening my mind and soul to a better me!  I want to wish all my clients and friends a New Year filled with happiness and gratitude!  May you all have a ridiculously amazing 2016 by celebrating all your wins!  Also, follow me on my new FB page! It is going to be filled with positive, healthy tips for your mind and body!