Tips for Losing 5lbs Quickly…

So I am a wellness coach, guess what??  I am human too, surprise!  I gain weight on vacation, eat when I am stressed, and have to wiggle into my skinny jeans just like the rest of you!  Want to know what I do to shed 5 pounds fast?

Learn tips from Coach Cacy on losing 5lbs fast.

I eat small salads or vegetables for dinner, water based foods low in sodium.  Then the trick is to clean up the kitchen fast and declare it off limits for the rest of the evening.  Most people gain extra weight from recreational eating at night.  Another trick is to brush your teeth when done with dinner.  It helps prevent the snacking.

Limit restaurant dining out to no more than once a week.  Cooking my own meals helps to control how much fat I am eating and what ingredients are going in my body and feeding my family.

Desserts…hmmm this is a big one for me.  I am a huge chocolate and pastry lover!  So keep fresh colorful fruits available, cleaned and prepped.  Some favorites of mine are strawberries, watermelon, blueberries, and cantaloupe.  In the fall I love apples sliced and sprinkled with cinnamon on top.  You can also add peanut butter, or better yet, cook your apple in the microwave sliced with cinnamon and pecans drizzled lightly with Agave (sweetener).  Warm and delicious comfort food.

Eliminate pop and alcohol, except for one glass of wine for special occasions or the weekend meal.  Alcohol stimulates the appetite, making it easier to lose control of my end goal.  Pop increases my sweet cravings, and that’s no good either!

Substitute a meal with a healthy meal replacement.  I love meal replacement shakes, they have fiber, carbs, fats, protein, and sugars all balanced out perfectly.  A quick solution to prevent skipping a meal!

Track your foods in an app, like ‘My Fitness Pal.” It is easy to add friends for accountability and motivation.  Being aware and mindful of what is going in your body is a great way to keep you on the right track. Remember, it is important to add protein to all your meals.

Last but not least: Stay Hydrated (drink 68 oz minimum), Rest (6-8hours sleep nightly), and Move (exercise 20-30min daily).  Don’t forget that you are human, just like me, so if you stumble along the way don’t lose focus.  Just keep moving forward!


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