The top New Year’s resolutions are always losing weight, getting organized, and getting FINANCES straight… You love your family, your career, and you want a body you love too.

You have so many things in your life that tend to take priority.  I know it from my own life running a business, driving children to school and activities, managing a busy household (cooking, cleaning, pets, laundry, yard maintained, Dr. appointments, etc).   Add to that the challenge of choosing what will be on your New Year’s Resolution list this year.  It can be a bit overwhelming!  So, what if I told you a slim-down resolution can actually be fun and easy instead of a burden?  This is a simple truth: You can get healthy nutrition in your body and the energy to get everything else done on your New Years goal list.  I’ve been where you are and I know how to make these good things happen.  Let me explain further…

I was once that tired, frumpy, overweight mom that had to take a nap in the afternoon to avoid all I had to get done because frankly I was just too doggone exhausted.   My doctor ran test after test on my thyroid but everything came back normal.  Was it all in my head?   I was stressed, doctor bills started piling up, and I had no energy to even take care of the finances or housework.  If things continued to spin out of control I likely would have considered checking out early from this crazy world.  However, I turned my focus toward the things that were solid in life.  The things I have been blessed with.  I have a roof over my head, food on the table and a wonderful family to share them with.  With my heart in a positive place, I went to work and began the pursuit of my goals.

I tried exercising, cleanses, detoxes, juicing, lemonade diets, and stuff that tasted like dirt.  God must have seen my struggle because eventually he gave me a new blessing.  I was introduced to a source of nutrition that was naturally based and made me feel AMAZING!  I also began to learn why I was struggling.  My body was lacking good nutrition and was not absorbing anything.  Once I determined that it was my cells that needed cellular nutrition and started on healthy nutrition plan my world began to change.  Finally I could see success on the horizon.  What a great feeling!

My stress levels decreased.  My skin grew clearer and hair was shinier and healthier.   BONUS was that my confidence grew as I lost weight and had a healthy glow around me.  My ENERGY soared and everyone noticed the change in me.  Soon, another blessing came to me.  My family and friends wanted to try what I was doing and soon a business opportunity began to grow from this pursuit of a goal.  Initially, I began to share my nutrition plan with those who inquired.  As I pursued the goal of weight loss and energy I also began to achieve financial wellness. I was able to become a successful working mom with the flexibility to really be present with the family!

I absolutely love helping and sharing the products and changing lives.  I know that my life has been forever changed and I am grateful for that.  Best part was that our finances were also life changing; we were able to pay off over one hundred and sixty-seven thousand dollars of debt that we had racked up in credit cards, medical, vehicles, family and student loans.  My business is thriving and I feel so alive and grateful!

I share this story because I was once spiraling out of control in my health and finances.  I truly want you to know that you can take advantage of this information and use it to help you and your family.  Whether you desire that extra energy, weight loss, or maybe even a new career, this may be the blessing you have been waiting for.  Maybe you know someone that may be hiding their emotions and could use something life changing.  Whatever it may be, please feel free to message me or forward this to someone you care about. NOW is the time to make a difference in your life or the life of someone you know!   1